We are living in a really-linked and quick-paced world where everything must be quick, efficient, and convenient. Almost everyone uses apps to determine a web-based presence by means of different social media platforms or to take advantage of the convenience of availing on-line products and services. As more individuals go online and use multiple apps, securing person accounts and verifying person identities are becoming an utmost importance, particularly in situations like account sign-in and on-line transactions. With the limitations and vulnerabilities of utilizing passwords for authenticating user identities, there is a need for a secure consumer authentication that provides a positive person experience.


HUAWEI Quick Identity On-line (FIDO) enables developers to provide their apps with local biometric authentication capability and online identity verification capability to enhance password security. HUAWEI FIDO provides on-line identity verification capability via FIDO2 Consumer, which relies on the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Authentication (WebAuthn) specification.

FIDO2 Consumer helps each roaming and platform authenticators to enable checking user validity during account sign-in and payment. FIDO2 Consumer enables online identity verification to help HUAWEI FIDO augment your app’s password security and optimize your app’s usage convenience. The smooth app integration of FIDO2 Consumer will assist builders in implementing HUAWEI FIDO in their apps.

The way to integrate FIDO2 Consumer?

The combination of the FIDO2 Shopper to your app involves 2 processes. One is a registration process and the opposite is an authentication process. The next procedures will provide a high-degree guide in executing the registration and authentication processes.

Kindly do not forget that the listed processes must be carried out before performing the mixing of the FIDO2 Client:

1. Configuring App Information in AppGallery Join

2. Integrating the HMS SDK

3. Configuring Obfuscation Scrips

The Benefits

To the developers

Provides developers with a high-degree guide on integrating the FIDO2 Consumer in order that they might easily implement HUAWEI FIDO to extend the security of their apps.

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